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Aboriginal Engagement

Aboriginal Engagement is a central tenet of the University of Saskatchewan's strategic plan. This aboriginal mapping system (aMap), a partnership including University Advancement, the University Data Warehouse, and the Spatial Initiative, produces an interactive map that visualizes aboriginal students, activities, engagement, and communities. The aMap is constantly being updated, and reflects many of the aboriginal initiatives being undertaken by the Saskatchewan community. Additional programs are welcome and can be registered by emailing the completed E-Form PDF file to Candace Wasacase-Lafferty.

The University of Saskatchewan

In February 2016, the U of S officially opened the Gordon Oakes Red Bear Student Centre, an intercultural gathering place for the entire university community.

Since the grand opening, the centre has brought together the teachings, traditions and cultures of the peoples of Saskatchewan and it has been dedicated to the academic and personal success of Métis, First Nations and Inuit students. The centre has been—and will continue to be—a place for students to connect with one another, access campus supports and participate in ceremony.




  1. Aboriginal Program Data are provided by Aboriginal Initiatives
  2. Aboriginal Student by High School Data (1500 students from 230 high schools) are provided by Information Strategy and Analytics.
  3. Aboriginal Student by Residential Postal Data (1600 students) are provided by Information Strategy and Analytics.
  4. First Nation Chief & Council List Data (74 First Nations, 10 Tribal/Grand/ Agency Councils, and 1 affiliated) are based on the Saskatchewan First Nations Chief and Council List from The Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations, and All Aboriginal Communities in Saskatchewan from Aboriginal Canada Portal.
  5. Metis Nation Office Data (114 offices) are based on the Metis Nation Saskatchewan
  6. Metis Nation Boundary Data (12 regions) are based on the Metis Nation Saskatchewan
  7. Indian Reserve Band Data (73 Indian Reserve Band Areas in Saskatchewan) are based on the administrative Indian reserve from Information Services Corporation of Saskatchewan.
  8. Treaty Area Data are based on the First nations and Metis Relations at Government of Saskatchewan and Historical Treaties of Canada from Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada.

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The aMap is constantly being updated, and reflects many of the aboriginal initiatives being undertaken by the Saskatchewan community.

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Contact Info

Aboriginal Initiatives

Candace Wasacase-Lafferty
Director, Aboriginal Initiatives
Room 110.10 – Gordon Oakes Red Bear Student Centre
(306) 966-3210


The Spatial Initiative

Weiping (Winston) Zeng
Associate Director,The Spatial Initiative
Room 260 Arts Building
(306) 966-5133