Poster Slam Talks
Select student and postdoc poster presenters have been selected for poster slam talks, in the Monday and Wednesday sessions.

The guidelines for these poster slam talks are as follows;

  1. Each talk is a maximum of 2 minutes (no questions)
  2. The presentation should include a maximum of 2 slides, without animations. Both slides should contain a footer or header stating your name and the number and title of your poster

There are two slam-talk sessions, session A on Monday and session B on Wednesday. 


Session A on Monday

1 Jenny Romell Imaging Fingerprints of an Ancient Egyptian Mummy by Propagation-Based Phase-Contrast X-Ray Tomography
2 Johannes Hagemann Solving the Phase Problem in X-Ray Near-Field Holography Beyond the Assumption of Weak Objects
3 Madleen Busse Bismuth-Oxo-Clusters for Soft Tissue Staining
4 Felix Wittwer Ptychography with a Virtually Enlarged Illumination
5 Maxim Polikarpov Phase-contrast X-ray Imaging and Microscopy for Crystallographic Applications at EMBL Beamline P14 of PETRA III
6 Manuel Langer Development of a New Soft X-ray Ptychography Spectro-Microscope at the Swiss Light Source (SLS)
7 Carla Polo Lignin Deposition In Arabidopsis thaliana Cell Walls Unveiled By Ptychographic X-Ray Computed Tomography (PXCT)
8 Bjoern Enders Dataflow at the COSMIC Beamline - Stream Processing and Supercomputing
9 Griffin Rodgers Double Grating Interferometry in a Commercial Micro Computed Tomography System for Biomedical Imaging
10 José Alvim Berkenbrock How Might X-Ray Scanned Potatoes Improve Cancer Treatment?

Session B on Wednesday

1 Aurélie Dehlinger Towards High Performance Soft X-ray Cryo-Tomography in the Laboratory
2 Michael Stuckelberger Challenges and Opportunities with Highly Brilliant X-ray Sources for multi-Modal in-Situ and Operando Characterization of Solar Cells
3 Kevin T. Murray Characterization of High Numerical Aperture Multilayer Laue Lenses
4 Andreas Späth Focused soft X-ray beam induced deposition: recent advances to a novel approach for fabrication of metallic nanostructures
5 Kian Shaker A Fast, Flexible and Accurate Monte-Carlo Tool for Simulating X-Ray Fluorescence Tomography
7 Rabia Akan Investigation of Metal-Assisted Chemical Etching for Fabrication of Silicon-Based X-Ray Zone Plates
8 Benedikt Günther The Munich Compact Light Source: Flux Doubling and Source Position Stabilization At a Compact Inverse-Compton Synchrotron X-ray Source.
9 William Vågberg Removal of Ring Artifacts in Microtomography by Characterization of Scintillator Variations - an Extension to Phase Contrast
10 Juliana Martins de S. e Silva Phase-Contrast Nano-tomographic Imaging in Commercial X-ray Microscope for Understanding the Defensive Behavior of Suocerathrips linguis
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